Fight Zombies, Cows, & Each Other In Beat ‘Em Up MMO Zone 4: Fight District



Free-to-Play beat ‘em up MMO Zone 4: Fight District will have players choosing real world fighting styles for their warrior before outfitting them with ridiculous clothes and taking to the streets.




Players can draw from several real fighting styles for the combat of Zone 4: Fight District. Tae Kwon Do, boxing, wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, and more are all available, each offering their own moves and combat options.




Players will also be given many different options for clothing, letting them outfit their character to look cool or silly before sending them out into the game’s colorful, violent world.


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Zone 4: Fight District features many different enemies and fight types, pitting players against each other in 16v16 PvP turf wars, against zombies in a defensive game where players must work together, against mutated, super-tough cows, and more.




Zone 4: Fight District was previously available on OGPlanet until its servers closed in May of 2013. The game is currently raising votes on Greenlight for a future Steam release. It does not say whether there will be any changes to the game for the Steam version.

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