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Fighting Across A Haunted Medieval Island Is Tough, Especially When You’re A Mouse



Ghost Of A Tale is due out on PC and Xbox One later this year, with any luck, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it as it nears that eventual release date. According to its creator, former Dreamworks animator of 15 years Lionel Gallat, it’s “really taking shape.”


If you haven’t heard of Ghost Of A Tale already, it’s best summed up as an action-adventure about a small anthropomorphic mouse that ventures across a medieval island populated by other animals. Unfortunately, most of these other animals aren’t very friendly. In fact, this island is called the Island of Periclave and is known for housing the Army of Rats, and is said to be haunted. The mouse you play as came here in hopes of reaching the Tower of Periclave where it is rumored that treasures await.


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Gallat says that his main goal with Ghost Of A Tale is to create a “small yet beautiful game with environments that look a bit like movie sets and characters that have a sense of stylization in their design.” If you watch the video above you’d probably agree that the game is certainly heading towards achieving that goal.


But how does it play? Well, Gallat is looking for “a certain simplicity and immediacy,” something that reminds him of those games he played in the ‘80s and ‘90s. As such, it’s to be a mixture of running and jumping, reading journals, and fighting monsters in ranged and melee combat. It’s not a huge world, but it will have an intricate one for you to explore, focused on smaller details and interconnectedness.



Ghost Of A Tale was successfully crowdfunded back in 2013. At the time, Gallat was hoping to get it out in 2014, but as this is mostly a solo project (with a little bit of help here and there) its development time has become unpredictable. That said, cross your whiskers for its arrival by the end of the year.

Chris Priestman