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Fighting EX Layer Alpha Releases For Smartphones As A Playable April Fools’ Game



April Fools’ is a special day for Fighting EX Layer, as the game started out as an elaborate April Fools’ prank a couple years ago, and Arika released a playable smartphone game for the occasion.


Arika shared a new video with a schedule update for Fighting EX Layer which has delayed the DLC character Area. She was expected to be available in May but will release sometime in June or July. The video also gives us a look at the April Fools’ smartphone game, Fighting EX Layer Alpha.


Here are more details and screenshots for the game:

You too can play the April Fool’s Version of Fighting EX Layer!
It’s been fine tuned so you can easily enjoy playing on your smartphone!
Repeatedly press buttons to perform powerful Combos!
Perform them from a jump to pull off Aerial Combos!
You can also run around freely!
Please look forward to this game on April Fool’s!!




The smartphone game features Darun, Allen Snider, Skullomania, and Blair as playable characters.







Fighting EX Layer is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Fighting EX Layer Alpha is available to check out for free on Android and iOS.

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