Arika announced that the PC version of their fighter, Fighting EX Layer, will release on Steam on November 30, 2018. In addition to a new VS Mode video, we got a November to December schedule for the game.


Here’s a “VS mode movie” video that shows us the PC version of the game:


Arika provided the following schedule for Fighting EX Layer in November-December 2018:

  • 11/14(JST) Introduce the Release Notice on the Steam Store.
  • 11/23-24(JST) Showcase a playable demo of the Arcade Version at ARCREVO Japan 2018 venue.
  • 11/29(JST) Begin the release of the Arcade Version (1.1.1).
    *The North American release is still not confirmed.
  • 11/30(JST) From 10:00AM, begin the release of the Steam Version (1.1.1).
  • 11/30(JST) Until 5:00PM, perform a Version Update (1.1.1) on the PS4 Version.
  • 12/6(JST) Begin selling the Physical Copy (Japanese Version Only)
  • 12/14(JST) FIGHTING EX LAYER 2019 Schedule


Fighting EX Layer is available on PlayStation 4. The PC version releases November 30, 2018. It’ll go for $39.99 but will be down to $29.99 as part of a week long 25% discount following its release.

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