Fighting EX Layer’s PC Version Releases November 30



Arika announced that the PC version of their fighter, Fighting EX Layer, will release on Steam on November 30, 2018. In addition to a new VS Mode video, we got a November to December schedule for the game.


Here’s a “VS mode movie” video that shows us the PC version of the game:


Arika provided the following schedule for Fighting EX Layer in November-December 2018:

  • 11/14(JST) Introduce the Release Notice on the Steam Store.
  • 11/23-24(JST) Showcase a playable demo of the Arcade Version at ARCREVO Japan 2018 venue.
  • 11/29(JST) Begin the release of the Arcade Version (1.1.1).
    *The North American release is still not confirmed.
  • 11/30(JST) From 10:00AM, begin the release of the Steam Version (1.1.1).
  • 11/30(JST) Until 5:00PM, perform a Version Update (1.1.1) on the PS4 Version.
  • 12/6(JST) Begin selling the Physical Copy (Japanese Version Only)
  • 12/14(JST) FIGHTING EX LAYER 2019 Schedule


Fighting EX Layer is available on PlayStation 4. The PC version releases November 30, 2018. It’ll go for $39.99 but will be down to $29.99 as part of a week long 25% discount following its release.

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