Fighting Fantasy Classics Brings The Classic Gruesome Playable Novels To PC


Fighting Fantasy Classics collects some of the works of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston’s Fighting Fantasy game book series from the 80’s and 90’s, letting players experience their grim worlds, challenging battles, vicious puzzles, and gruesome ends on PC and mobile devices.


Fighting Fantasy Classics draws from books that took players to a variety of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror settings filled with monsters and very likely death. Players would make decisions on which page to turn to based on decisions they could make at many points in the stories, as well as battle monsters using stats they would roll before starting the book.

Fighting Fantasy Classics offers a new look at these classic books, offering maps that will make navigating their choose-your-won-adventure stories much simpler, automated adventure sheets that will keep track of the player’s stats without page flipping, and a bookmark system that will let players save their place. Players can also choose to freely flip through the novels to cheat as they could with the original novels as well.


Featuring the classic artwork from the series of novels, Fighting Fantasy Classics takes players to all manner of fantasy realms, pitting them against pirates on the high seas, having them head into cities filled with liars and thieves, or challenge their wits in dungeons filled with lethal traps. Players can purchase several individual novels for the program, with seven of the classic adventure books available now with more on the way.

Fighting Fantasy Classics is available now on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play.

Alistair Wong
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