Final Elsword Season 2 Update Revamps The Characters Add And Luciel



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KOG Games recently announced their final installment of their  Season Two updates for the free-to-play MMO Elsword with the characters Add and Luciel. In this final Season 2 update, everything from character concept and illustration to functionality and effectiveness have been refined. Here is a look at their official revamp trailer.



Add is a renowned yet tortured inventor who wields the Dynamo in battle. In this update, voice actor Bryce Papenbrook lends his voice to bring the character to life.



Luciel is homage to anime in the form of Lu, a high-spirited loli demon princess, and Ciel, Lu’s lethal butler bodyguard. Wielding fearsome demon power, Luciel has the ability to overwhelm any opponent in their way. As part of the character revamp, voice actor JC Hyke has lent his voice to the character Ciel.


As with all the previous Season 2 character updates to Elsword, the Skill Tree has been revamped to include new character functionality basics, character intro and primary skill upgrades.


“Players can learn EVERY skill automatically by reaching the skill-appropriate level and players no longer need to choose between skills!” KOG Games explained. “Additionally, Add and Luciel’s revamped basic attack combos bring a whole new world of dynamic (and hurt) to each Job or Class advancement.”


Elsword is available for the PC.

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