Final Fantasy Agito’s First Trailer Shows Familiar Faces And Battle Action



Square Enix recently surprised us with their latest smartphone game announcement, Final Fantasy Agito, which it is related to Final Fantasy Type-0. While you can check out more details in our earlier report, Square Enix also uploaded the game’s first trailer.


“Come! The nine soldiers whom the myths sing of — those who are worthy of Agito. The world is waiting for your arrival. Hone your souls together, and become the hope that brings light to the world!”


The narration is then followed by the quote: “The first cycle that surpasses the spiral of 600 million.”


The trailer gives us a glimpse of a player walking around in Rubrum’s Magic Academy, Perisylium Suzaku, with what appears to be several NPCs with “Talk” symbols floating above their heads, followed by intense battle scenes against a Behemoth and some Slimes.


We also get to see a few familiar faces from Final Fantasy Type-0, such as Cater and Nine, along with a glimpse at Final Fantasy Agito’s new character, Myu Kagerohi.


Final Fantasy Agito is slated for release this winter for Android and iOS devices.

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