Final Fantasy Agito’s Latest Videos Prepare Us For Combat



Yesterday, we got a look at the school life in Final Fantasy Agito, and in Famitsu’s latest series of videos on the game, they show us how you’ll be gearing up, fighting, and participating in different kinds of missions.


The first video gives us a look at how you’ll be changing your equipment. For the occasion, they’ve prepared several set of gear to show what kind of stuff you’ll get in Final Fantasy Agito. Equipment also has its own rarity rank.


The battle preparation video gives us a look at how you’ll be accepting missions before going out on the battlefield. Once you pick a mission, you’ll be prompted to select two battle buddies. By picking friends, you can acquire more points upon completion.


Now that we looked at how to gear up for battle and select the mission, this video shows us what it’s like once you step out into a mission. The camera can be moved by swiping the touch screen. Once you find a target and attack it, your character will continue hitting it. Hitting a yellow-marked enemy as seen at the 0:25 mark of the video, will result in massive damage.


The second battle video gives a short explanation on using abilities. Abilities can be used by pressing the elemental attributed buttons on the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to set multiple abilities, and chain them together. Additionally, party members can be given instructions through Team Commands.


The third battle video details the Team Command function, which is located on the left of the abilities. There are two choices between attack and concentrate. Attack makes them focus on taking down foes, while concentrating gives you enhanced healing effects and such, in exchange for lower defense.


The last video gives us a look at the “Subjugation” battles, where players will group up to take on bosses. These fights will only be available on the weekend.


Final Fantasy Agito will launch sometime this month on iOS and Android.

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