Nintendo 3DS

Final Fantasy Explorers Adds The Samurai Job And A New Boss



Final Fantasy Explorers got its newest job with the Samurai after the latest Nintendo Direct presentation. 4Gamer shares details on how the new job plays, along with some information on a new DLC boss called “Omega”.


The Samurai job is a damage-dealer with exceptionally high damage output. They excel at physical attacks, and are considered all-rounders that can attack from both long and close range, and attack using katanas.


Omega is a new boss that you can fight as part of a DLC quest. It is said to have unknown powers to it that sets it apart from the other Summoned Beasts, and will be quite the challenge to take on.


Final Fantasy Explorer’s new Samurai job is currently available for free to download, while the quest containing the new boss Omega can be purchased for 400 yen.

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