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Final Fantasy Explorers Composer On His Struggles To Create The Game’s Main Theme



So far, we’ve only heard one track from Final Fantasy Explorers on the game’s official website, and it sounds g pretty nice. Composer Tsuyoshi Sekito recently started a four-part column on 4Gamer to talk about his work on the game.


Tsuyoshi Sekito might not stand out as much among all the composers at Square Enix, but he’s been with the company since 1995, having worked on titles such as Brave Fencer Musashi, The Last Remnant, and several Kingdom Hearts games.


If you’ve ever listened to the rock bands The Black Mages and The Star Onion, known for arranging and performing compositions of tracks from Final Fantasy games, you’ve likely heard him shredding the guitar on most of their songs.


In the four-part column with 4Gamer, Sekito will talk about some things he normally wouldn’t be allowed to discuss, regarding the making of the game’s music.



In the opening part of the column, Sekito talks about the difficulty he faced while composing Final Fantasy Explorers’ main theme song (the one heard on the website). The reason being, he only had Final Fantasy Explorer’s temporary key visual image to go by, at the time he began producing music for the game.


Sekito says he had composed several other songs with different moods to them, but the development staff weren’t too crazy about these. However, after some time, the main visual was completed, and he was able to put something together, which ended up being the track we’ve heard, titled “Explorers”.



According to Sekito, the completed key visual (above) with its power and articulateness, had a huge impact on him, and he asked himself, “Why am I even having such trouble?” Following that, he says, he decided to just come up with the melody.



“Halfway through the song, it fades out with a piano arrangement, but that’s because it wasn’t complete by the time the website opened, and I’m still in the middle of thinking about what to do with it,” Sekito writes.



According to the composer, the game’s development were very pleased with what they’ve heard in the song thus far, which to him, was quite refreshing during the weekend in the midst of the rainy season in Japan.


Sekito ends his first column by teasing that we might be hearing the field and dungeon music of Final Fantasy Explorers in his next piece on 4Gamer.


Final Fantasy Explorers is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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