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Final Fantasy Explorers Details On Jobs, Abilities, And Multiplayer



Square Enix and Dengeki got together to livestream a wh0le bunch of new information on Final Fantasy Explorers this morning. During the stream, we got to see Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and the Dark Knight job reveal. Here’s a summary of what else went on during their play session.


During the multiplayer demonstration, Square Enix demonstrated a variety of different attacks from Knight, Monk, White Mage, and Black Mage. They also showed a few of the Monk’s skills, like Chakra and Aura Cannon. The game’s developers said that Final Fantasy Explorers will feature plenty of moves from past games of the series, but many original ones as well. As far as abilities go, there are about 200 total.


While out on adventures, the bottom screen on the Nintendo 3DS will show a map and will also indicate where all the characters are located. There are other bottom screen features like a “monster lock-on” that also shows you their hit points.


After sharing these details, the developers created a party consisting of a Ninja, Paladin, Time Mage, and White Mage to take on Shiva. The female Ninja character in the game looked closer to what you’d expect from a traditional “kunoichi,” while the Time Mage looks pretty close to the one from Bravely Default.


While running together through the fields, the Paladin was a little slower than the others, so it made the others have to slow down for him; however, by using the Time Mage’s Haste magic, they were able to speed everyone up just the right amount.


The Ninjas look like they have all kinds of different Ninjutsu abilities, and it looks like they can also help out in the tanking role with some sort of Utsusemi abilities, similar to the way they were used in Final Fantasy XI.


Once the party reached the Tinz Underpass, they were greeted with various water-type monsters, but zipped by them in order to get to Shiva faster.



During the fight against Shiva, White Mages play a crucial role, as they can help unfreeze with Esuna, and they can also look at the health of all the party members on the bottom screen, and can also target them by selecting them through there. White Mages can also do things like enhance other buffs such as the Time Mage’s Haste, and they can also use a “Pray” ability that recovers the AP (Action Points) of all the allies.


When a player gets incapacitated, you can shave three minutes off from the clock to be revived, which sounds like it’ll come in handy when the White Mage doesn’t have the time or space to pull off a Raise spell.


During a fight against Fenrir, the party showed that some of the big enemy attacks are indicated with markers on the floor for certain attacks, so you’ll be able to avoid and dodge them better. They also seem to have some sort of rage mode, too.


Final Fantasy Explorers is also expected to be featured in tomorrow Square Enix Presents Japan’s third episode, and will be available to watch via livestream as well. More “Legend Characters” like Cloud will also be revealed during Tokyo Game Show 2014. You can expect Siliconera to bring you these details as they’re revealed.


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Final Fantasy Explorers will be released in Japan on December18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS. You can get another look at the Onion Knight equipment and the limited edition box set in our earlier report.

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