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Final Fantasy Explorers Details The Paladin, Ranger, And The Shiva Boss Fight



Square Enix shared details on a few Final Fantasy Explorers jobs with Knight, Monk, and Black Mage. Below is a look at more details on the Paladin and Ranger jobs, along with a closer look at the Ice Queen Shiva, and more.



Paladins have high defense and play the role of a tank. They excel at physical and magic attacks, but due to their lack of mobility, they stick around on the frontlines as a shield for the party.


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Their ability called “Absolute Domain” can be used to protect themselves and allies around them from enemy attacks. In addition to tanking, they can also provide the party with some support as well.


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The Paladin’s “Deflect” ability lets them use their shield to defend attacks from enemies. This is their go-to move as a tank. “Spinning Edge” is one of their offensive moves that can hit enemies around them.



Rangers are long-ranged damage-dealers. They might not be as strong as the melee damage-dealers, but they can use various status inflicting attacks. Their defense is on the lower side, so they’re not too great when it comes to close-ranged combat.


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Their best feature is the ability to attack from a distance, but they also have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves with their physical and status effect attacks.


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The “Abyss Shot” can do different effects like poison or paralysis. The “Arrow Rain” ability is recommended to use when the tank gets hate from the monsters.


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Moving along, Shiva the “Ice Queen” hangs out in the the dim cave known as the Tinz Underpass, where you’ll fight her. There are crystal-like parts throughout the cave, along with plenty of water-based monsters.



The Tinz Lake is where Shiva can be found. The place is dark and cold, and seems to be covered entirely in ice. There’s also a throne-like object that is made of ice, so it’s safe to assume that it’s where Shiva sits.



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Shiva has appeared throughout the series since Final Fantasy III, and this time, she’ll be putting her icy powers to take on the Explorers. In Final Fantasy Explorers, she’s covered by an extremely cold aura that puts a freezing effect on anyone who gets near.


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Once you’re in a freeze status, your movement will be limited, so it’ll be worth making sure you don’t get too close to the aura while taking her on. She also has moves like “Blizzard” and “Frozen World” that brings out spikes made of ice from the ground.



And let’s not forget about her trademark move, “Diamond Dust,” which is shown in the above image.


Final Fantasy Explorers will be released in Japan on December 18th, 2014. The game has yet to be announced for release in the West.

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