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How Final Fantasy Explorers Encourages You To Use Job Abilities


Final Fantasy Explorers is a multiplayer action RPG, and this means cooperation with your teammates is key. One of the features that ties into this is the “Resonance” feature.


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The Resonance feature isn’t something that can be activated, but rather, something that responds to continuous use of abilities of all the Explorers.



Whenever you hit an enemy or help an ally using abilities, the number over the Crystal icon located on the top-left of the screen increases. There are several benefits that Explorers can get by continuously increasing this number.


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For example, having higher Resonance numbers could help you do more damage against enemies, or heal your allies better. However, once you stop using abilities for a while, the number will start going down, so you’ll need to get back at it to keep it up.



Finally, here’s another look at Libertus, the home town and base of operations. The central building is a facility where an organization called Union manages their business of giving Explorers tasks and other jobs.


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To the left is the reception area of the Union’s building, where Explorers go to get work. On the left is a look at the item store, workshop, and fortune-teller.



There also seems to be some sort of Moogle tent! We don’t exactly know what purpose it serves, but you can see a little Moogle out in front…


Final Fantasy Explorers is slated for release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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