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Final Fantasy Explorers’ Job System Is A Little Different From The Main Series



Square Enix recently revealed a lot of new details on Final Fantasy Explorers, but fans still have a lot of questions on the upcoming multiplayer action RPG. Director Atsushi Hashimoto and project manager Takahiro Abe shared more with Famitsu in a recent interview.


Famitsu begins the interview by asking the key developers to share their thoughts on what kind of game Final Fantasy Explorers is.


“To put it simply, it’s an action RPG Final Fantasy with multiplayer as a possibility,” says Hashimoto with a laugh.


“When you think about a Final Fantasy series with multiplayer compatibility, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles comes to mind,” adds Abe. “However, this game is a different from Crystal Chronicles, as it heavily focuses on multiplayer elements as a multiplayer online-type game that connects through local and Internet connectivity.”


We’ve seen several jobs such as the Knight and Monk, along with other classic Final Fantasy jobs like White Mage and Black Mage. Famitsu asks if the White Mage will take on the traditional role as the healer for the most part.



“They can be played that way, but there’s also plenty of customizing features, so a ‘battle White Mage’ will also be a possibility,” responds Abe.


Hashimoto also mentions that in addition to weapons and equipment, you can switch around abilities to customize your characters, so that makes it possible for all kinds of different party set ups. For example; you can make a party that doesn’t need a White Mage, by using healing items or have other jobs that learned the White Mage’s Cure spell.


Famitsu asks if that means you’ll have to learn abilities from other jobs, so then you can use them as customized abilities on others.


“Actually, no, the ability acquisition isn’t really connected to the jobs,” says Hashimoto. “I thought that the idea of ‘I want to keep playing as a White Mage, but I must change to Black Mage in order to learn offensive magic’ was a little troublesome for this game.”


“Therefore, you can keep playing as a White Mage and learn Black Mage abilities. This might be a little different from conventional Final Fantasy games, but I felt that this would be a good idea when considering the trends of recent players.”


“However, the first abilities you’ll unlock will be connected to jobs,” continues Hashimoto. “For example, an ability that might connect with a Dragoon and spears.”



While on the subject of jobs, Abe also mentions that Final Fantasy Explorers has most of the jobs you’d expect to see in the Final Fantasy series. He also reveals that there will be unique new jobs, in addition to others that weren’t in any of the main-numbered Final Fantasy games.


Additionally, the game boasts over 500 different equipment pieces. Armor consists of parts for the head, body, right hand, left hand, legs, and accessories. Similar to other hunting-style games, items are made through material acquired through battles and gathering on the fields.


Final Fantasy Explorers is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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