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Final Fantasy Explorers Screenshots Get Up Close With Bahamut And The Dark Knight



It wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without a proper Bahamut, and Final Fantasy Explorers has just that. The official website gives us a closer look at him and some of the latest additions to the game.





bahamut_image_01 bahamut_image_02

Bahamut, who has been a part of the Final Fantasy series since the very first game, will be a powerful foe who attacks using breath attacks of various elements. You’ll need to fight him while he’s on the ground and in mid-air.


Here’s a closer look at some of the recently revealed jobs:


Dark Knight:


darkknight_image_01 darkknight_image_02

Dark Knights use scythes as one of their main weapons, and while they might be slower than average when it comes to attack speed, their damage output is more than enough to make up for it. They’re damage-dealers who can deal some of the heaviest blows on the frontlines.




monstermaster_image_01 monstermaster_image_02

The Beastmaster use axes as their weapon of choice, and are pretty similar to Dark Knights, as they deal heavy damage but are a bit on the slower side. They can also charm monsters and absorb health from them as well.





dragonknight_image_01 dragonknight_image_02

When it comes to Dragoons, they’re best known for their “Jump” abilities, which will be in full-use in Final Fantasy Explorers. While the Jump ability will do plenty of damage, not much else is known about their playstyle for now.


We recently got a look at the latest “Legend Characters,” a feature that lets players transform into characters from other Final Fantasy games. Here’s a closer look at some of them:


Cloud (Final Fantasy VII):


ffvii_cloud_image_01 ffvii_cloud_image_02


Squall (Final Fantasy VIII):


ffviii_squall_image_01 ffviii_squall_image_02


Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII):



ffxiii_lightning_image_01 ffxiii_lightning_image_02


Final Fantasy Explorers releases in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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