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Final Fantasy Explorers Screenshots Show Off The Game’s Visual Style



Square Enix recently shared a bunch of info on their upcoming 3DS multiplayer action game, Final Fantasy Explorers, which will have about 20 jobs and recruitable monsters. They also updated the official website with screenshots and a Q&A section for fans who are new to the game and series.


ifrit_image_01 ifrit_image_02 

Q: What kind of game is Final Fantasy Explorers?

A: It’s the latest in the Final Fantasy series. It’s a new series that will have plenty of action characteristics while focusing on the party play that requires strategizing to take on Summons.


job_monk_01 job_monk_02

Q: Please tell us more about partying!

A: Parties feature four members. They can consist of four friends playing together or even have one friend and two monsters, and other possibilities depending on the situation. Of course, you can also play on Wi-Fi to party up with friends who live far away.


Q: Once you select a job, can you change it afterwards?

A: You can switch out jobs prior to taking on a quest. Jobs are a crucial factor when it comes to playing with a party. Whether you want to be a healer or go on the offense, you can pick whichever job that would be most suitable.



Q: Do you need a lot of people to play?

A: You can also play with just one person. While we still haven’t shown it yet, the game’s system will have you party with monsters when playing solo.


job_whitemage_02 job_knight_01 job_blackmage_01 job_blackmage_02

Q: What exactly are these “jobs” from the Final Fantasy series?

A: They are basically classes. The Knights, who have high defense, are the shield that protects the party. The martial artist Monks have high offense to take out enemies. For heals, there are White Mages, and all kinds of other jobs with their own abilities that have appeared throughout the series.


Q: How many jobs are there?

A: There are dozens of jobs, so please look forward to future announcements!


hometown_image_01 hometown_image_02

The above images are titled “Hometown,” so it looks like the starting area. It was mentioned in our earlier report that the game is set on an island with different areas, where you’ll be free to walk across the entire place.


However, as far as questing goes, we still don’t know whether Final Fantasy Explorers will be like other hunting-style games or if Famitsu’s comparison to Final Fantasy XIV actually holds any merit.


Final Fantasy Explorers is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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