In Final Fantasy Explorers, you can get monsters to join your team by acquiring Spirit Stones from various monsters. While details still remain light on the feature, Square Enix have shared a few details on how it’s done.


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When defeating monsters, you’ll occasionally get a round spirit-like object as a drop, which is known as the Spirit Stone. Once you get one, you can head over to the Monster Laboratory located in Libertus to create an allied monster from it.



The above is the main menu at the Monster Laboratory, with options like “Create from Spirit Stone,” “Monster Synthesis Enhancement,” “Monster Details/Sell,” and “Form Party”.

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The above screens confirm if the player would like to make a Goblin, and in the background you can see numerous other monsters as options, like Bomb and Chocobo. Since the screenshot shows 7 to 8 of each, it seems like those are common monsters.


The Spirit Stones of tougher monsters will be more rare, and these monsters will likely have much higher parameters than your average monsters.



Once you create a monster, you’ll get to have them in your party. There are different types of monsters like attack-type or defense-type, so you’ll also need to keep this in mind while partying up with them.


Again, you’ll be able to level up your monsters by using other Spirit Stones to level them up as well.


Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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