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Final Fantasy Explorers Shows The Towering Alexander And Diablos


In Final Fantasy Explorers, you’ll have to fight Summoned Beasts who are just trying to protect the crystals… which kind of makes you seem like the bad guy, but when facing the likes of Diablos and Alexander, I don’t think you have much of a choice.

When it comes to size, none of the other Summoned Beasts even compare to Alexander. In addition to its gigantic body, it also has a variety of attack patterns, from magic to trembling attacks, and missiles to stomping attacks. Its “Holy Judgment” attack can also give you a proper beating.

Alexander seems to be in control of the sacred tree shown in the background. I’m not exactly sure why you’re going to need to get past him, but it doesn’t look like it’ll be an easy task.

It’s a given that Alexander will use its huge body for close-ranged physical attacks, but it also has its own repertoire of ranged attacks such as laser beams and missiles.

Next up is Diablos, who can be found in a dusky cave, just looking out for any intruders in the darkness. Similar to the Diablos we’ve come to know from past Final Fantasy games, he’ll be surrounded by an ominous atmosphere and will use gravity-based attacks.

Gravity attacks aren’t the only tricks up Diablos’ sleeves, as it can swoop around and hit you with its wings while spinning around. Its large wings can also act as a shield to protect itself from various attacks, and can also use gravity moves that suck players into fixed spots.


To make matters worse, Diablos can also darken parts of the area, making it difficult to tell what’s going on.


Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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