Nintendo 3DS

Final Fantasy Explorers Will Connect Players Locally And Through Wi-Fi



Last week, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Explorers, an upcoming multiplayer action game for the Nintendo 3DS, with familiar job classes from the Final Fantasy series. Game Watch recently shared some details on the game’s multiplayer connectivity options.


According to the Game Watch report, Final Fantasy Explorers will have a multiplayer mode with ad-hoc (local wireless) and Wi-Fi options for teams of four to get together and party. For those of you who prefer to play solo, that won’t be a problem, either.



Final Fantasy Explorers  will have players take on various quests while working together with their allies. The game also features popular summons, monsters, and job classes that have appeared in past Final Fantasy titles.


So far, we’ve only been introduced to four jobs in Knight, Monk, Black Mage, and White Mage, but we’ll likely be hearing about more in the near future, along with further gameplay details.


Final Fantasy Explorers is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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