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In Final Fantasy Explorers’ World, Monsters Protect Crystals From Mankind



In an earlier report, we got a look at the first screenshots along with a Q&A by Square Enix for Final Fantasy Explorers. The game’s official website also shares more about the game’s world and the importance of Crystals.


About the World of Final Fantasy Explorers:


Final Fantasy Explorers takes place on a new island called “Amostela” that was created after a sudden crustal movement in the planet.



Amostela contains an enormous amount of Crystals, which resulted in countless “Explorers” appearing on the island to collect them all as part of their occupation. However, there are Summons that wish to preserve Crystals in order to protect the world of nature, by standing up against these Explorers.


In the midst of all the events, a young Explorer steps into Amostela.


What are Crystals?


Crystals are the source of the planet’s energy, which flows inside the mysterious ores. All life on the planet shared the benefit of evolution thanks to these Crystals, but mankind has begun harvesting them for the further development of their own civilization.


Places of Interest:


hometown_image_01 hometown_image_02

The above is a look at the home town and base of operations, called Libertus. This is where the Explorers take on requests that take them across all the different parts of the island.


The hometown also has an airship that’s used to travel to different areas, and various stores. There’s a Crystal in the middle of the town, which seems to serve some kind of purpose, but what it is remains unknown.



The Regi Plains is one of the earlier areas of the game. There’s a giant Crystal that can be seen in the background called the Grand Crystal, which is considered to be the origin of the planet. The energy from this crystal helped mankind’s expansion and development.



Another area is the Hibato Volcanoes, which is a scorching area that flows with magma. This also happens to be Ifrit’s area of domain, alongside the Bomb monsters seen in many other Final Fantasy titles.


Final Fantasy Explorers is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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