Final Fantasy Grandmasters’ Has Cute Characters But Still Brings Back FFXI Feels



Final Fantasy Grandmasters, the Final Fantasy XI spinoff title that takes place in Vana’diel, launched last year in Japan but Square Enix shared a little reminder with a new trailer.


In Final Fantasy Grandmasters, you get to create your own avatar to explore Vana’diel with the goal of becoming the ultimate “Grandmaster.” To do this, you’ll use an Airship to fly across the world, make friends, and take on powerful enemies.


The game features familiar Jobs from Final Fantasy XI, with plenty of quests to take on with its one-touch battles. Similar to the MMORPG title, it lets you switch around Jobs, change and upgrade equipment, use various abilities, and more.


Final Fantasy Grandmasters is available for iPhone and Android in Japan. Final Fantasy XI is also getting a smartphone reboot of the full MMORPG, but we haven’t heard much about it in a while.

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