Final Fantasy IX Eiko, Quina, Amarant, And Kuja Bring Arts Figures Announced



Square Enix is attending 2018 New York Comic-Con which started today, and they announced a few new action figures from their Bring Arts line with Eiko, Quina, Amarant, and Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.


Now with Eiko Carol, Quina Quen, Kuja, and Amarant Coral announced to get new Bring Arts figures, they’ll be joining Final Fantasy IX’s Zidane, Vivi , Garnet, Steiner, Freya, and Beatrix as characters from the RPG to get figures for the line.


More information including a first look at their prototypes will be shared later.


Final Fantasy IX first released on PlayStation in Japan in July 2000. It followed with a release in North America in November 2000 and Europe in February 2001.

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