Final Fantasy Record Keeper Comes To Mobius Final Fantasy




A number of updates have come to Mobius Final Fantasy. In addition to two new events running this month, a new job, extra items, additional abilities, and battles have joined the game.


Let’s start with the events. The Final Fantasy Record Keeper Collaboration and Solo Limit Break Event have both begun in Mobius Final Fantasy. The former lasts until April 17, 2017 and gives people an opportunity to accrue cards with pixelated characters from the other mobile game. Some of the cards mentioned are Final Fantasy’s Warrior of Light and Final Fantasy II’s Firion. The latter runs until May 2, 2017 and tasks people with visiting the Olympos stages to fight monsters for the Moogles and improve your area attacks.


The other Mobius Final Fantasy updates expand the game. Six Light and Dark Ability Cards will be available in the game, with Final Fantasy’s Chaos and Final Fantasy II’s Emperor among them. The Heretical Knight job will be in the Greater Ability Summon, allowing people to resist Darkness, Earth, and Wind attacks and enjoy above average health and defense stats. Moggy’s Item Exchange has experienced a restock, which means its carrying new Material Cards for Sicarius Cards and other useful things. Finally, Ring of Braves will have new battles as of April 6, with Anima, Eidolon Odin, Ifrit, and Shiva fights available in April.


Mobius Final Fantasy is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

Jenni Lada
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