Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Community In Uproar Over Final Fantasy Tactics Event [Update]




    Members of the Final Fantasy: Record Keeper community are upset after a perceived lowering of drop rate percentages of highly-valued event items such as the Platinum Sword during the Unsung Heroes Final Fantasy Tactics-themed event, with many feeling it is an attempt to raise more revenue from players paying for chances to receive the rare items.


    Over the past few days, there have been multiple posts about a perceived lower drop rate on Final Fantasy: Record Keeper’s dedicated Reddit. With so many feeling that the rate had been lowered in comparison to past events, the posters involved have started up a survey, collecting data from 1820 people in two days. They have posted their results here.


    The results appear to point to a 2% lower drop rate in comparison to past events, although the study only covers the drop rates of the Unsung Heroes event. The survey purportedly uses numbers datamined from earlier events (cumulative chance of a special item drop being %12), with players basing their outrage on the %10 drop rate for Unsung Heroes items they are seeing from their study.


    Upset players have taken to emailing the game’s developer, DeNA, over the matter, some including the data from the survey. They have reportedly received the following response from the developer in regards to their study:


    We have carefully investigated in this matter and were able to confirm that the drop rates for the featured relics, as well as those for the other items, on this banner are correct. Please be assured, that there is no significant change made for the drop rates for the featured relics on this banner, compared to the previous ones.

    At current, the only relics from FINAL FANTASY Tactics are the ones that are advertised on the banner, and even with drop rate bonus, there are still chances that players may receive the other 5 Star relics that are listed under "Relics" (located at the bottom right of the rare relic draw page).


    Siliconera has reached out to DeNA for a response, but as of this writing has not received a reply. 


    Update: We received a response from the Final Fantasy Record Keeper team at DeNA. Here’s what they said, “”We are taking the customer feedback very seriously, and we are discussing the possibility of providing greater transparency in terms of drop rates, and investigating areas for improvement in the management of this title, based on the feedback. The Final Fantasy Record Keeper team values the long-term relationship with their fans the most, and aim to maintain the level of trust we have with our loyal and enthusiastic players.”

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