Square-Enix put the Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire trailer from the Square-Enix party online. Head over to the official site (fixed) and click on “movie” (it’s the forth option from the left spelled as ムービー in katakana). The trailer shows Luso the protagonist who opens the book to Ivalice, Adel, Cid, a demi-human who is the chief of the Gari Clan and Hurdy, a moogle with a lead role. Areas in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 are significantly larger and in the trailer you can see Luso exploring inside a continent. The trailer also teases the audience with new jobs for the different races. The hume in the concept art is probably a Samurai, but what job does the moogle in the chocobo suit have? Any guesses on the new jobs?

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