Final Fantasy Tactics-Style Game Eternal Crusade Is Looking Pretty Deep



Eternal Crusade: War of the Dragon is an Android game that tactical RPG fans should like. Channeling similarities to titles such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, the mobile game is out first on Android.



Developers ZQ Games are localizing this game from its Korean version (Called Million Mercenaries and in no way linked to Million Arthur). The game will have regular turn-based fights against AI enemies, player-versus-player, and co-op options.



You’ll be able to customize your squad, equipping them with various weapons and other gears. Different mercenaries are better or worse, and you can tell at a glance with the star system. You can even hire some of your allies as well.


Artistically, the game is hitting all the right nerves with its 2.5D perspective and tactics-style combat, and your choice of hero will affect your squad loadouts.


Eternal Crusade: War of the Dragon is out now on Android, with an iOS launch planned later.