Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Visions Event Adds Agrias and Delita

final fantasy tactics agrias final fantasy tactics war of the visions

Another Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius event has begun in the global version of the game. Starting August 26, 2020, people have a chance to get Final Fantasy Tactics Agrias, Delita, and Mustadio units from the gacha and even get Ramza and Orlandeau again. There’s also a login celebration that can award 2,000 Visiore, 20 million Gil, the Blades of Grass UR Vision Card, and Gaffgarion. There is also one 10x Summon available daily for everyone while the event runs.

Final Fantasy Tactics’ Agrias, Delita, and Mustadio all were discussed in the latest official War of the Visions: FFBE update video. Essentially, people were given a better idea of what each character will offer when they appear in this crossover.

So “He Who Has Naught” Delita is a UR unit whose main job is Squire and Sub Jobs are Paladin and Soldier. He can use Karma Blade and the Three-stage Hallowed Bolt of Truth AOE attack. His “cost” to use is 80. 

As for Final Fantasy Tactics Agrias, here she’s a UR unit known as the Fidelitous Knight. Holy Knight is her Main Job, while Cleric and Paladin are her Sub Jobs. She’s also going to cost 80 to use. Her signature skills are the AOE attack Candescent Hew, the AOE attack Judgment Blade, and Northswain’s Strike.

Finally, there’s Mustadio. He’s an MR unit, so you might have an easier time pulling him, and he’ll have a cost of 60 associated with him. His Main Job is Machinist, and his Sub Jobs are Ranger and Thief.

As you might imagine, there are also special quests. People can go through event quests and an EX-Quest right away. This would let you get the Sortilege MR accessory recipe or a Nagnarok for Ramza. Between September 2-15, 2020, there will also be the Midnight’s Deep Labyrinth with items like the Lesalia Royal Guard Standard-issue UR sword.

Here’s the full War of the Visions FFBE update video.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available for Android and Apple iOS devices worldwide. This Final Fantasy Tactics event will be available until September 15, 2020.

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