Final Fantasy Type-0 Characters Level Up While You And Your PSP Sleep


type0a12 Grinding should be easier in Final Fantasy Type-0. The game’s secret mission feature grants your characters experience points while your PSP is in sleep mode. As long as Final Fantasy Type-0 is loaded and your PSP isn’t out of batteries your Class Zero students will continue to study and gain AP when they level up.


You can use AP to purchase new abilities. Ace can learn Cannon Laser (and not Laser Cannon!) which shoots a beam of light straight forward. The blast of light remains on screen for a few seconds and continues to damage enemies even after Ace moves.




Energy Bomb is one of Queen’s abilities, which creates a magic circle around her. All of enemies trapped in the field take damage and players can increase the amount of damage by continuing to press a button.

type0a14 type0a15


Nine can learn Slow Lancer, which has hi lock on an enemy and rapidly toss spears at an enemy.


type0a16 type0a19


Rem’s Boomerang Dagger skill has her put her dual daggers together and toss them like a boomerang. The daggers return to Rem and players can repeat the attack again and again to deal more damage.




Machina’s Sword Field is a neat looking skill. When he uses this attack he creates to rapiers made of light than spin around him and damage any enemy they touch. Machina can move while this ability is active and assault enemies with his spinning blades of death.


type0a21 type0a20


Want to level up faster? Suzaku has an arena where players can set up simulation battles. While these are mock fights, the experience and phantoma gained is real. You can set up to twenty fights in a row.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 has airship combat too and in these battles you have a limited amount of time to shoot down dragons from rival nation Souryu. Fortunately, Suzaku’s ships are armed with magical guns to shoot the dragons down. Some dragons will land on your deck, forcing Class Zero into combat. Other dragons carry the five star Souryu guard.


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Square Enix also created a conquest mode, which plays like a tactics game. Moogles give players missions such as defending a base, attacking an enemy camp or aiding allied troops. Moogles can also give players special missions and if you complete these you get to control a base. Once in control, you can command units to move out and siege rival nations. The overall goal in mission mode is to protect your land and capture enemy territory.


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Final Fantasy Type-0 comes out on October 27 in Japan.

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