Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Is Out Now



Have an import copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 handy? Go order one online, since you can play the game in English now, thanks to a translation put together by an enterprising group of fans.


We previously reported that some enterprising fans had taken it upon themselves to try and translate Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP. The translation patch is out, and Game-Jouhou shares a look at a trailer for the project along with some gameplay.



The above is a look at the Hollywood-style trailer for the SkyBladeCloud translation project for Final Fantasy Type-0.



And above is a look at some gameplay footage with the English fan translation. The project was originally estimated to be completed by August 8th of this year, but it’s already available now. You can find it here.


Food for thought:

Square Enix have stated their desire to release Final Fantasy Type-0 in the West on a couple of occasions, but thus far, the company has not made any concrete announcements.

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