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Final Fantasy Versus XIII News Might Not Be Too Far Off



In a recent web radio show hosted by Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura appeared as a guest, where he  briefly answered a question regarding a game that everyone has been waiting to hear about—Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


Towards the end of the show, asked Nomura a number of questions from fans. One of the questions was about  Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which Square Enix has been quiet about for over a year. Here’s the question and Nomura’s reply:


Q: I’ve been excitedly waiting for any news regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII. When will we be hearing more?


Nomura: Any information about Versus is very… sensitive, even within the company. We’ve been quiet about it for the past year, but the day of being able to remove its information ban has already been decided, and we’re currently preparing for that day. When that time comes, we’ll also reveal our reason for the delay of any form of announcement.


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