Final Fantasy VII G-Bike’s Latest Event Adds Phoenix And A New Bike



Final Fantasy VII G-Bike is a smartphone game based on the Final Fantasy VII mini-game, except you get to pull off Limit Breaks and Materia magic. The latest event for the game brings in Phoenix, and a special bike based on the summon as a reward.




The above is a look at the Bike [Phoenix] you can get from the event. It boasts high stats, especially its fire defense. However, in order to level it up to its max, you’ll need to get special material from Phoenix.



It’s a given that you wouldn’t want to fight Phoenix with fire, since it absorbs the damage, so you’ll want to go with some water-based attacks.



When Phoenix uses its “Explosion” attack, you’ll need to get ready and dodge its swopping claw attack. The “Burning Charge” move can only be dodged by using the sliding maneuver.



Jump to evade its “Fire Breath” attack before getting burnt to a crisp, and you can either jump or dodge its “Flame Bird” attack.



The “Flame Laser” is another attack that needs to be dodged with a slide, and “Prominence” is an even trickier one that will require you to dodge fire attacks from completely random areas.


2015-07-01_034117 And finally, the “Flame Rebirth” is Phoenix’s Limit skill. In order to better survive this one, you’ll want to add some fire resistance to your bike with Mako Synthesis. To make matters worse, Phoenix’s attacks have an “Ignition” effect that does damage-over-time once inflicted.


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike’s Phoenix event will run from June 30th until July 13th.

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