Final Fantasy VII Jazz Arrangement Album Now Available to Download

Final Fantasy VII Jazz Arrangement Album

Square Enix released the Square Enix Jazz Final Fantasy VII at Billboard Live Tokyo album through Apple Music. This album features jazz arrangements of music from Final Fantasy VII and is now available to purchase via digital download. It is immediately available to purchase in regions outside of Japan and costs $15.99.

All of the music featured on the arrangement album are recordings of songs that were previously performed live. The album consists of a total of 13 tracks, which includes songs like “One Winged Angel” and “Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII.” The full track list is available to view below.

  • “Opening – Bombing Mission”
  • “Shinra, Inc.”
  • “Cait Sith’s Theme”
  • “Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  • “On Our Way”
  • “J-E-N-O-V-A”
  • “Fight On!”
  • “The Chase”
  • “Tifa’s Theme”
  • “Aerith’s Theme”
  • “One Winged Angel”
  • “Main Theme”
  • “Fanfare”

In October 2020, Square Enix released a Final Fantasy VII Remake Orchestra Arrangement album. However, unlike the jazz arrangement album, this release was exclusive to Japan. Additionally, other Final Fantasy VII OST collections have been released. This includes a Final Fantasy VII Remake OST that spans over seven discs. This collection of music is available to purchase physically, and digitally. It is also available to regions outside of Japan.

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