Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Revival Disc Releases On July 24 As A Blu-ray Music Disc



Square Enix is releasing the eighth entry in its “Revival Disc” series that brings back soundtracks from classic games with a video presentation to go with it as part of Blu-ray Disc Music. The latest is Final Fantasy VII.



The Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Revival Disc features 85 tracks composed by Nobuo Uematsu in the Blu-ray Disc Music format. In addition to the music included, there are three bonus MP3 tracks and a 16-page colored booklet.


As for the music its audio is a hi-res 24bit/96kHz quality that plays alongside cinematic recordings of iconic scenes from the game.


Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack Revival Disc is now available to pre-order in Japan at the Square Enix e-Store, Amazon Japan, and Sony Music Shop for 5,000 yen plus tax. It releases in Japan on July 24, 2019.


Final Fantasy VII first released in Japan in January 1997. Since then it has been ported to PC, iOS, PlayStation 4, Android, and more recently on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One around the world. In other news relating to Final Fantasy VII music, a “Symphonic Reunion” concert was recently announced as the first-ever official concert dedicated to Final Fantasy VII.

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