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Final Fantasy VII Remake Developers On Dating Event, Mini-Games, And Other Changes



Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura shared the latest on the upcoming PS4 title in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation. [Thanks, Game Jouhou and Hachima.]


  • The game will be fully-voiced for the most part, and there will be a new cast of voice actors for those that didn’t have lines in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.



  • The “dating event” will likely be fully-voiced, as it was quoted “we can’t just not voice that part.”


  • The reproduction of events from the original version will be done carefully, as social situations were different back when the original game was made compared to today. For example the bath house scene at the Honey Bee Inn.


  • Square Enix can’t say anything of the time being as far as map info goes, but they’re not going to put much focus on whether they’ll call it open world or sandbox. However, Nomura wants to have some kind of environment with backgrounds that can be affected by the characters.


  • They want to have all the mini-games that still remain in the memories of the fans. There was a variety of big and small mini-games in the original game, but they’re currently testing out whether they should all be redone with the latest technology.


  • Its current development status is at a stage where they can say that they were finally able to get started. Nomura says that they have some ideas for the battles, but it’ll still be a while until they can implement it into the game.


  • The next information update on Final Fantasy VII Remake will be after they’re done with Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue and World of Final Fantasy.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.

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