Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Video Details Battle System From E3 2019 Demo

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Square Enix has a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo available to check out at E3 2019, and Famitsu provided a look at their gameplay session with details on the game’s battle system and Scorpion Sentinel boss fight.


Final Fantasy VII Remake’s attacks, evasion, and guarding are all done in real-time. action. By pressing X during battle to enter the Commands Menu, it goes into the super slow motion Tactical Mode to give you time to navigate through the menu showing abilities, spells, and items. Command abilities can be set to use instantly with shortcuts.




In the above screenshots we see Barret with Steelskin, Focused Shot, and Potions as his shortcuts for the square, triangle, and circle buttons. Cloud has Braver, Focused Thrust, and Potions. Using commands consumes the ATB Gauge, which increases gradually over time but increases more by landing attacks.



The Scorpion Sentinel fight features Cloud and Barret in the party. The battle flow here mostly revolves around fighting as Cloud when the scorpion is on the ground then switching to Barret when it decides to hop onto the walls. In battle you can let the AI take full control of the players you’re not controlling, but those who prefer to be more hands-on can go into Tactical Mode and select commands.



By continuously attacking enemies you can max out their Focus Gauge to down and stagger the target and deal extra heavy damage with Limit Breaks and such.


Final Fantasy VII Remake releases for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. In case you missed it, producer Yoshinori Kitase commented on how many games will be in the series. Check out the latest on the remake with its E3 2019 trailer and more here, and limited edition details here.

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