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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Its First Gameplay Images, Including The First Boss Fight



At MAGIC 2017 in Monaco, France, Square Enix showcased a couple new screenshots for Final Fantasy VII Remake, with a world premiere look at an in-game screenshot as well as a look at the first boss fight. [Merci bien, @TheSharePlayers.]


The top image shows Cloud sneaking around the starting area as well as a brief look at its UI, which Tetsuya Nomura mentioned isn’t final, but what they have for the time being. If you look very closely, there’s an ATB bar located right underneath the HP parameters.


Nomura also noted that they’re putting a lot of attention into the battle system, so things can happen with littel interruption. They’ve discussed problems they’ve had with grenades during meetings and asked themselves whether allies would also take damage as well from the grenades.



The next screenshot is of the Guard Scorpion, the first boss you encounter in Final Fantasy VII with Cloud and Barret. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, some of the areas around it will be destructable. Nomura said that he wanted to show a video but the office disallowed it. We’ll learn more about


Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.

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