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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Project Leader Naoki Hamaguchi Is Now Co-Director With Tetsuya Nomura



Square Enix updated its official website’s Final Fantasy VII Remake’s recruitment page showing that Naoki Hamaguchi who previously held the role of “project leader” is now a co-director along with Tetsuya Nomura. [Thanks, @DKHF_.]



Prior to his role as project leader for Final Fantasy VII Remake, Naoki Hamaguchi worked on the Final Fantasy series starting with Final Fantasy XII in the visual effects department. He then went on to work as a lead event programmer for Final Fantasy XIII, lead application programmer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, and main programmer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He also worked as the project leader for Mobius Final Fantasy alongside Motomu Toriyama with whom he worked on the XIII trilogy.


Hamaguchi previously talked about working with Tetsuya Nomura on the new character designs for Final Fantasy VII Remake we’ve yet to see. He also inadvertently teased a look at what appeared to be the Air Buster boss fight for the remake.


Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.

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