Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Adds Remake Sephiroth Skin

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier players will be able to obtain a Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth skin for a limited time. Players will have until August 31, 2022, to obtain Advanced Shinra Packs (Sephiroth). A new system has also been implemented that will convert duplicate skins into other rewards. For example, players that receive a duplicate will unlock alternate skins, voice emotes, and special effects.

Rewards for obtaining duplicate skins will be distributed through a “level” system. Upon obtaining another Sephiroth (FF7R) skin, players will level up and receive the reward on the next tier.

The tiers are as follows:

Level 1

  • Character Skin: Sephiroth (FF7R)

Level 2

  • Character Skin: Another Form

Level 3

  • V. Holo (Hologram emote with voice-over)

Level 4

  • Kill Effect: One-Winged Angel

Most of the rewards are consistent between the two Sephiroth skins. However, the voice lines obtained will be different. The Sephiroth (FF7R) ♂ will receive the “Let Us Defy Destiny…Together” voice line, whereas the Sephiroth (FF7R) ♀ skin will get the “What Will You Do With It?” voice line. The voice lines also include a hologram emote.

Other items that can be obtained in the Advanced Shinra Packs (Sephiroth) include the One-Winged Angel and One-Winged Angel Paint gun skin, a Feathered Eyepatch, and the Sephiroth (FF7R) Banner.

Other notable characters that are available to obtain as skins in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier include Genesis and Yuffie. Players can also obtain skins inspired by Reno and Rude.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and iOS. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth skin will be available to obtain until August 31, 2022.

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