Final Fantasy War of the Visions Crossover Brings in the Warrior of Light

final fantasy war of the visions

A Final Fantasy War of the Visions crossover event has begun. The Warrior of Light has returned, and this time he is headed to Ardora. That is, if you manage to summon him by August 11, 2020, the day the collaborative summon and in-game event ends.

While the original Final Fantasy Warrior of Light character and Death Machine Vision Card are both be tied to the summoning element, there will be free activities and rewards too. A Chocobo Expedition Area inspired by the game lets you head to Matoya’s Cave to find Warrior of Light Unit Shards and Final Fantasy I event medals. There is also an EX-Quest that has an Armor of Light recipe as a reward.

As for details about Warrior of Light, the July 27, 2020 update offered a better look at him. This UR Unit’s main job is, as you would expect, the Warrior of Light. However, he also has the Dragoon and Spellblade sub jobs available. His skills are Crystal Braver, which has a massive AOE range that deals three hits and casts both Protect and Shell on him when it is used. He also has Shift Attack, which moves him closer to an enemy and deals a small amount of damage to them, and Holy Bravery, which deals a large amount of damage to a target in range.

Warrior of Light also seems like a good character to take the heat off of other party members. His Brave Presence ability draws aggro from nearby enemies while raising his def and spr stats for three turns. Combine that with his Breath of Life, which restores his own health, and you can have him act as a tank that can maintain himself.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. There is currently a login event in effect that gives people a chance to earn a Rare Summon Ticket and 2,500 Visiore, the in-game currency, and the Final Fantasy War of the Visions event will run until August 11, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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