Final Fantasy XI 20th Anniversary Questionnaire Asks Favorite Characters

Final Fantasy XI 20th Anniversary Questionnaire

Square Enix is accepting answers for a Final Fantasy XI 20th anniversary questionnaire. Participants will have until March 20, 2022 to submit their answers. The questionnaire is available in both English and Japanese. However, users must have a Square Enix account and a Final Fantasy XI account in order to participate. That said, those who have subscribed even once to Final Fantasy XI will be able to fill out the 20th anniversary questionnaire. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The answers will be published on the “We Are Vana’diel” 20th anniversary website, which originally opened in July 2021. Questions include asking players for their favorite Job Classes, favorite NPCs, and memorable moments within the game. As mentioned previously, the questionnaire is available in both English and Japanese. This means international players will be able to take the questionnaire.

Leading up to the anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, Cygames and Square Enix have announced a crossover event between the MMORPG and Granblue Fantasy. The Final Fantasy XI crossover event in Granblue Fantasy will appear sometime in May 2022. More details about the event will appear closer to its release date. This includes characters that will appear in the mobile game as part of the collaboration.

Final Fantasy XI is available on Windows PC. The 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI will occur on May 16, 2022.

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