Final Fantasy XI Is Headed To Smartphones, Courtesy Of Nexon


In addition to the new spinoff title for Final Fantasy XI that was announced during Square Enix’s media briefing for the MMORPG title, they also announced a new native client for smartphones, in partnership with Nexon.

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Since playing a full MMORPG on smartphone devices might sound like a tough prospect, the new app will make it easier to play on the go, with an enhanced battle system that is speedier than before. This battle system will still have Job Commands, Skillchains, and other basic features from the game.


The mobile version of the game will have a handy cooperative system, that will make putting a party together easier on smartphones. The job system will still play a crucial role in the gameplay, and will feel different this time around with new touchscreen-based controls.


There will also be Linkshells and a guild system, which will be there to further enhance the community. The game will feature new “dynamic events” as well.


While the mobile version of Final Fantasy XI will be a lot like the original title, it will be easier for players to play solo, along with various other systems to make the overall gameplay easier.


Square Enix developed the native mobile client as their first step of what they call the “era of MMMRPG (Massively Multiplayer Mobile RPG).”


Details on the app are still fairly light at the moment. Square Enix have not specified whether this version of the game will feature the same content as Final Fantasy XI on PC and console, or whether it will connect to the Final Fantasy XI servers in any way. What Square and Nexon have said is that it will first start out in Japan and South Korea. Pricing has yet to be announced, but will be revealed in the near future.


Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XI on consoles is scheduled to shut down next year, while the PC version of the game will continue operations.

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