Final Fantasy XI Server Space Limits Wardrobe Boxes And Auction Item Slots


Final Fantasy XI Developer AMA

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Development of Final Fantasy XI is firmly grounded in reality. As detailed by Producer Akihiko Matsui and Director Yoji Fujito during their Reddit AMA, server space is a limiting factor when it comes to expanding features like additional wardrobe boxes and auction item slots.


During the AMA, one Reddit user asked, “Would you consider one more Wardrobe-style box? This box would only hold consumables (medicines, food, ninja tools, etc) and making at least echos, remedies, and holy waters stack to 99?” In response, the dev team explains additional storage is not going to happen at this time. Read the full response below.


This is not possible as we cannot add any new storage. As for changing the amount of the stack, this is possible; however, it will increase the amount available on the market to 99, and also would make it not possible to be placed on the auction house for a couple weeks due to the system. This will cause a situation where players won’t be able to purchase when they would like to. For this reason, we would like to try and avoid making changes.


Another user received a similar response when asking about increasing the number of items players can put in up for auction.


We will not increase the number of slots. Since we have extended the duration in which items remain on the Auction House, this would greatly increase the amount of data which need to be managed by the server.


However, that’s not to say such features may never see the light of day in Vana’diel. A fan inquired about the success of additional paid services like expanded equipment inventory, and the dev team responded favorably.


The introduction of the new paid service had an overall positive effect. If there are services that we feel players would understand the introduction of, then we would like to consider them as well.


Final Fantasy XI is now available on Windows PC.

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