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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Update Brings PvP, Housing, And More


During a special Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn stage at Tokyo Game Show, producer/director Naoki Yoshida provided a peek at what to expect from the anticipated version 2.1 update, where we’ll be seeing new dungeons, personal housing, player vs. player and more. Here’s a look at some of the key features.



In version 2.1, we’ll be seeing a several new dungeons. This one in particular is called the Crystal Tower, which is based off the same area from Final Fantasy III. This dungeon will require 24 players to take on. According to Yoshida, it won’t be too tough to the point where one or a few players falling means the end of the run.


The next update will also introduce the Player Housing system, which will be available at all three city-states in Eorzea. There will be about 380 different parts to decorate your own home.


Additionally, we’ll also be getting a new PvP arena feature, called The Wolve’s’ Den. The player vs. player system will pit two teams of four players up against each other. This feature will be further demonstrated tomorrow.



Here’s a look at some extra content we’ll also be seeing in the patch:


  • Treasure hunting: This will be a new feature that revolves around finding treasure. Not much as been revealed as to what we can expect from it, but it can be done solo or multiplayer.


  • Hard mode against a special foe: A hard mode battle featuring a special boss. When this enemy was first created, the developers felt that it was too difficult of a fight, and ended up omitting it from the final version. However, they’ve decided to have it appear as slightly weaker version, who’ll be appearing in the new update. In regards to which monster it will be, Yoshida says that it’ll be a secret for now.


  • Daily primal quests: The daily primal quests will revolve around the fights against special enemies. These will appear on a daily basis, where you can login everyday and decide how many you want to do.


  • Content Finder — random  matching feature: This will also have various contents with random match-ups for players willing to lend others a hand. Doing so will give you tokens that can be used to acquire stronger equipment.


Additionally, version 2.1 will also be adding a beauty parlor that allows you to change your hairstyle.


Square Enix will be revealing more on the housing system, and more regarding the 2.1 update tomorrow. Additionally, they’ll also be showcasing some of the end-game content of the current version.

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