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Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 3.2 Adds 4K Support, New Dungeons, Adjustments, And More



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Square Enix shared the latest on Final Fantasy XIV with details on the upcoming patch 3.2 and more during their Letter from the Producer Live Part XXVI, featuring producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and community manager Toshio “Foxclon” Murouchi.


You can check out the above video embed for the currently ongoing live stream. We’ll have notes on the highlights below:


On Alexander (Savage):



  • Due to the difficulty of Alexander: Gordias (Savage) being too high, Square Enix will lower its level difficulty level to Alexander: Midas (Savage,) which won’t be as difficult when it releases in 3.2.


  • Regarding the value of the rewards for clearing Burden of the Father (Savage,) they’re going to enhance the value of the rewards for clearing Alexander: Midas (Savage) as well.


On Diadem:



  • The system of Diadem as a whole has suffered from a lack of set rules. Future content for exploratory missions will have more well-defined rules. Future content for the exploratory missions will also have a greater focus on the exploration aspect.


  • Item level setting of the rewards: Players should have been able to participate in raids with the rewards obtained from exploratory missions.


On Anima Weapons:



  • About the intended challenge of the Anima weapons quests: In exchange for their time, players will receive a powerful weapon. It is not mandatory to clear difficult weapons. This is the concept behind the Anima Weapons, and same goes for the Relics and Zodiac weapons in the past. Yoshi-P says that they’d like to make some adjustments on it for 3.2.


  • Some players are concerned about the relevant lifespan of the Anima Weapons. The next update is planned to be implemented between 3.25 and 3.3.


  • They’re going to make some changes for the items needed in the final stage of the Anima Weapons, by making them unsellable, so that players don’t sell them by accident, especially the ones that have icons that look like trash items.




  • More housing plots will be added in 3.3. This is not for the Ishgard housing zone. They’re also adding “Mansion-size” houses.


  • The number of furniture that can be added in a house will also be increased.


New Content For 3.2:



  • New main scenario quests, side quests, and Gnath beast tribe daily quests.


  • New dungeons in “The Antitower” and “The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard).


  • New trials (the start of the Warring Triad series) with “Containment Bay S1T7” and “Containment Bay S1T7 (Extreme).”



  • As previously mentioned, a new raid will be added with “Alexander: Midas.” This will be available upon completing Alexander in normal mode.


  • A new PVP content will be added with “The Feast.” It’s a new version of Wolves’ Den, and will have a new system with points. More details will be revealed in a future update.


  • “The Feast” will come in 5 variations.
    • 8vs8 (Win/loss rate does not apply.) You can enter this mode as solo or a duo.
    • 4vs4 will be done through solo queue. Win/loss rate applies.
    • 4vs4 will also have a solo queue practice mode.
    • 4vs4’s other mode is with a light party, win and loss rate applies.
    • 4vs4 will also have a light party queue that doesn’t apply win/loss rate.



  • The new Orchestrion item will be added to allow you to listen to music as a housing item. It’s like a jukebox that will have 47 collectable items for it at first, and will add more through future updates. These items will give it more songs, and can be acquired via vendors or by clearing content.


  • The Hall of the Novice will be added. This will give you training on different party roles.


  • The new “Mentor System” roulette that will allow players to become mentors to help others for endgame content. Kind of similar to the ones seen in Final Fantasy XI, Yoshi-P says that he’s always liked helping others in MMORPGs, and this will be for people who feel the same.



  • A striking dummy training mode named “Stone, Sky, Sea” will be added. Unlike the regular training dummy, you’ll get to actually “defeat” it, and try taking it out within a certain amount of time. This will mostly come in handy for practicing rotations, as you fight dummies of different item levels.


  • Changes will be made to the Materia system, with different equipment having new slots for Materia.


  • New tomes will also be added.



  • The ability to sell items directly from a retainer will be added.


  • The mini-map will now display differences in elevation.


  • Support for 4K resolution will be added.


We’ll have new footage and screenshots in the next event.



2015-12-23_044438 2015-12-23_044446

  • And finally, here’s a look at the “Fenrir (motorcycle)” from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This is a mount that Square Enix was working on, but since it looks slow, it didn’t work out too well. They showed a video demonstrating what it would look like at a regular mount speed, which seemed a bit slow, but then what it would look with a “regular bike speed,” which looked about right, but a bit too fast compared to other mounts.



  • The 1080-day Veteran Rewards was revealed as the ‘Zidane Gear” shown above. Vivi not included.


You can read the full patch notes here.

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