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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Launches June 7, Adds New Loot Dungeon, Boss Fight, And More



During the most recent Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live, producer Naoki Yoshida gave us another look at what to expect in the game’s upcoming patch 3.3, Revenge of the Horde, which will be releasing Tuesday, June 7th. To see the full translated summary of the live letter, you can visit the official forums.



First, we got a look at the next trial which will be part of the storyline. The Final Steps of Faith will pit a party of eight players against Nidhogg. There will also be an Extreme version that will reward weapons.




Next, Yoshida showed off some of the Aquapolis, a special dungeon that will have a 50% chance of being discovered when opening treasure chests found with treasure maps. Inside the Aquapolis, item level is synced to 180, and you will progress through rooms, defeating monsters that appear and collecting treasure. There are seven rooms in total and the further you progress, the easier it will become to obtain rare rewards. Non-aggressive golden goblins will also appear and will flee from players. If your party is able to defeat these enemies, you will receive a lot of gil.



In patch 3.3, the Fenrir mount will gain the ability to fly by freezing the water particles in the air.


The upcoming patch will also see the implementation of the Raid Finder, a party matching system for high-difficulty raids for players in the same Data Center. The Raid Finder will work with Alexander Midas: Fist of the Son (Savage), Cuff of the Son (Savage), Arm of the Son (Savage), Burden of the Son (Savage).




A new PvP map will come to the game in patch 3.3. Field of Glory (Shatter) will take place on a map set in Coerthas. The objective will be to gain control over three key areas while destroying certain objects scattered across the field.




Next, we got a look at flowerpots which will be added to housing and will function similarly to gardening. The colors of the flowers can be changed depending on the type of fertilizer used, and flowers obtained from flowerpots will be able to be used to craft a flower headpiece. However, much like gardening, there is a chance the flowers may die if not attended to once a day.



Patch 3.3 will also see the continuation of the Anima Weapon questline. In the next step of the quest, players will be able to develop their weapons further by allocating points to each type of parameter, and the cap for each parameter is 120. Two types of items will be used to convert into a catalyst for allocating the points and one conversion wield 3 points. There will be a few different methods for obtaining the items used for conversion. Additionally, competing the anima weapon will give it a new appearance.



There will also be new content revolving around the Warring Triad and it will feature the Garlean Empire, specifically Regula Van Hydrus.



Patch 3.3 will also see the addition of new beast tribe quests featuring Moogles. These quests will be similar to the Ixal quests, in that they are focused around crafting. Players will be able to level classes from 50 to 60, but if you have already reached 60, you will be able to earn grade V materia.



After a short break, the live letter continued. A special guest was introduced as Natsuko Ishikawa, one of the game’s main scenario writers who has written many questlines, including the 2.0 Main Scenario (Coerthas Central Highlands), The Binding Coil of Bahamut Series, The Crystal Tower Series, and the Dark Knight Quests to name a few. During this segment, they had Ishikawa answer some questions submitted by fans.


Q: What exactly does a main scenario writer do?
A: Natsuko: I was actually called by this title for the first time during the QA. I work with Oda who is in charge of the lore to write the main scenario. Oda is in charge of Patch 3.3 main scenario quest.


Q: How freely can you write scenarios for FFXIV? Does it have to involve requests from other departments such as “please have this race in the story”, “make sure to have the players visit this specific area”?


A: It depends on the quest, but we cannot simply write anything that we want. It’s important to keep the overall experience in mind and ensure that the story is enjoyable. We received a request from the battle team where they wanted the adventurers to fight against themselves, so we wrote a scenario based on this request.


Q: What kind of things does Yoshida like to request?


A: Occasionally he will request that cutscenes be added.


Yoshida: After all the elements have been arranged I do a final check, but there are times when I want to make it even better so I make my requests.


Q: The dark knight job quest was really interesting. Can you please let us know how you came up with this story?


A: Because I feel close to all the stories I wrote, it’s difficult to explain this. When writing the dark knight story, I had an image of dark knights from the FF series in mind, and imagined a dark knight sacrificing something to fight through. We’ve received requests for a continuation of that story so there may be a separate scenario waiting. For now, please continue your ventures with Fray.


Q: I really like Nero. I’d like to see him again. Could you write him into the main scenario? I’m also interested in Alisaie and Yugiri.


A: While I can’t give any details, perhaps…


Q: I had a really nostalgic feeling due to the original FF-feel of the Matoya quests. Were there any fond memories you have of the scenarios you were in charge of?


A: I pour all my energy into the scenarios every time, so I have fond memories of all of them. I actually had a lot of trouble with the Binding Coil of Bahamut. I joined the team with A Realm Reborn, and I was somewhat lost as to how to continue the story on from 1.0. There was so much to tell through content, so it was quite tough. Additionally, Maehiro’s checks for Alisaie’s character were quite strict.


Q: I personally like the members of the rogues’ guild. I’d like to hear more about how they formed and some other stories about them. Will we ever be doing anything with them again?


A: Thank you. I’d like to do something with them again, and I will look into this proactively. Thieves from past FF games have a unique coolness to them.


Q: I really liked both the dark knight and alchemist story. Please let us know if there’s any specific story you would like to write next.


A: I would like to write something similar to Matoya’s cave, where you can read up on their everyday lifestyle. Aside from this, near the end of 2.x series, Buscarron is worried about Laurentis in South Shroud, so I would like to write a story based on this.


Q: Do you have any plans to add a story focused on love? For example, one which talks about how Livia met Gaius.


A: While I cannot say if Livia and Gaius are deeply in love… I would love to write a love story; however, we do not have any in mind yet, so I’ll use this opportunity to request this to Yoshida!


Yoshida: Characters from the main story have very specific stories to focus on, but I think it’ll be alright to write a story as a side story.


Q: During the Patch 3.2 main scenario, Aymeric and Lucia are talking to each other, and she said something that surprised me. Could you tell me about their relationship?


A: At the very least, Lucia has special feelings for Aymeric, and I think he is a bit clueless about what’s right in front of him.


Q: As is standard for Letter from the Producer LIVEs, tell us a story about Yoshida.


A: I’d say the best is him asking if I would appear on the Letter from the Producer LIVE in a private room that only had three people in it.


Q: The cutscene for the Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 4 was very impressive, but did you have any role with the in-game performance?


A: The cutscene team dealt with this, and there are times I make requests; however, some portions are decided based on their suggestions as well as with read-throughs with the team.


Q: I really love Haurchefant! I believe there were many stories in Patch 3.2 that reminded us of him, was this your intention?


A: It’s not because I’m writing it that I wanted to write more about him, but I wanted to write this from a player’s point of view, where they ventured through Ishgard. I pushed Meaehiro to change the scene with Haurchefant inside the intercessory in Patch 2.55. I would like for everyone to feel the struggles that our adventurers will continue to go through in these stories.


Q: I feel like the writing style for MMORPGs and single-player RPGs differs, but could you tell us some hardships or techniques in relation to scenario writing for MMORPGs?


A: The entire event team is focused on keeping things brief when they can be. We understand that players want to hurry up and get to the content, so we are trying to tell the story without pushing the volume too much.


Yoshida: During the main scenario quests, we want you to go on a journey with an NPC, and this is not synced up with other players’ progress. It’s difficult to have super long cutscenes when you are playing with others in a party, so it’s tough to keep this in mind that this is an online game’s story.


Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Patch 3.3, Revenge of the Horde, will release on June 7th.

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