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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 Screenshots Show New Tomestone Gear, Mount, and Minions

Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 Tomestone gear

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 is just around the corner, and with it comes new Tomestone gear, mounts, minions, emotes, and plenty more. The official website has updated to show what else is new in Patch 5.4.

We’ve already seen the FFXIV version of the Emerald Weapon from FFVII, the new large-scale battle, Blue Mage update, and Resistance Weapon Quests for Patch 5.4. This time, we got a look at other new features and updates coming in the next update.

Ishgardian Restoration Updates (Patch 5.41)

Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 Tomestone gear

The Firmament continues to evolve day by day as we head into the fourth phase of the restoration effort in Ishgard.

The Navel (Unreal)

The Navel Titan Unreal

Following the Shiva Unreal fight added in 5.3, we’ll get an Unreal difficulty for The Navel to fight Titan at a much higher level.

The Shifting Oubliettes of Lhye Ghiah (Treasure Hunt)

A new treasure hunt featuring the Fuath tricksters, known for their chaotic magic. Be careful not to get too tempted into playing their “games” even with their promise of riches.

Ocean Fishing Update

Ocean Fishing Update

The captain has charted new fishing routes and a series of missions for the fishers out there.

Triple Triad Update

Triple Triad update

The rules and user interface for the Triple Triad have gone through a number of revisions and improvements. The Gold Saucer will also introduce new tournament modes made for beginners and veterans.

Doman Mahjong Update

Doman Mahjong will be more accessible with a new Quick Match option. Square Enix also improved the interface for the Mahjong game.

Explorer Mode

Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 Tomestone gear Explorer Mode

Explorer Mode is a new Duty Finder feature that allows you to revisit dungeons just to explore. That means you can run inside the dungeons on mounts, throw in Striking Dummies, or just go in to take screenshots. There are no hostile monsters in this mode.

Performance Update

Performance Update

New instruments will make it possible for more musical creations.

New Game+

Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 Tomestone gear New Game+

Revisit past adventures with the addition of Main Scenario Quests from Patch 5.1 to Patch 5.3. It will also include level 80 job and role quests.

Allagan Tomestones of Revelations

Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 Tomestone gear

The above is a look at the new Tomestone gear we’ll see in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4.

New Items

Lastly, we have a peek at new items coming to Patch 5.4. As always, there will be new mounts, new minions, and new emotes to collect.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Patch 5.4 will arrive on December 8, 2020. In case you missed it, check out the trailer for the major update.

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