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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 Notes Reveal New Armor Sets

Final Fantasy XIV 6.05 Patch Notes

Square Enix shared the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 notes, which reveals new armor sets that will appear through the update. Additionally, a new cosmetic set can be acquired through crafting. With the update, players will now be able to obtain another armor set through the Pandaemonium Savage raids, and through Tomestone exchange. Additionally, the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.05 notes reveal how players can acquire the items necessary to obtain this gear.

You can take a look at the crafted gear and the Tomestone exchange armor and weapon sets below.

In order to obtain the armor sets from the Pandaemonium Savage raids, players will need to complete them. Upon completing the raids, players will be rewarded with a Coffer. This will drop gear for the respective Job Class you have equipped while opening the Coffer. Players will also be able to obtain weapons from running the Pandaemonium Savage Raid. However, the Weapon Coffer will only drop through completion of The Fourth Circle Savage. Players will have needed to complete the normal versions of the Pandaemonium raids to access the Savage version.

A new type of Tomestone was also added into Final Fantasy XIV through the 6.05 update. Players can now obtain Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy. However, only 450 Allagaon Tomestones of Astronomy can be obtained per-week, with a total of 2,000 being held at any time. Players can obtain these new Tomestones upon completing the “Endwalker” Main Scenario Quest and reaching level 90 on either a Disciple of War or Magic Job Class.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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