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Final Fantasy XIV Previews Highlight Its Next Trial And 24-Person Raid



The Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone has been updated with a couple of previews showcasing content coming in patch 3.3, Revenge of the Horde.


The first preview gives us another look at “The Final Steps of Faith,” the newest trial headed to the game in which you face off with the fearsome dragon Nidhogg for the final time to decide the fate of the Dragonsong War. This trial will require an item level of 205. There will also be an extreme version named the “Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage,” which will require an item level of 220.



“The great steps which marked a journey’s beginning shall now mark its end as the Warrior of Light enters into a final confrontation with the great wyrm Nidhogg. Steel will clash against fang and furious flames. But when the dust settles, only the victor will decide the fate of man, dragon, and the broken bonds that once united them.”


The next  preview highlights the second addition to the Void Ark 24-person raid series. To access this raid, adventurers must have an item level of at least 205 and must have completed the quest “To Rule the Skies.” We also get a look at some gear presumably acquired from the upcoming raid.




“Deep in the Yafaem Saltmoor lie the ruins of the fabled city of Mhach─a civilization of the Fifth Astral Era whose prosperity was built upon unparalleled magicks of destruction. It is to this ancient edifice, and its vaults of occult secrets, that you and the Redbills plan your next foray.”


Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Patch 3.3 will release on Tuesday, June 7th.

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