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Final Fantasy XIV Previews Patch 3.45’s Palace of the Dead Update And Anima Weapon Quest



Square Enix has shared a preview into some of the content adventurers can look forward to when Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.45 releases on Tuesday, November 11th. The upcoming patch will include an update to the Palace of the Dead, extending the deep dungeon from 50 floors to a total of 200, as well as adding a ranking system to let you compare your progress in the dungeon with other players. In addition, another quest for players to further their hard-earned Anima weapons will also be added in the patch.


Here’s the descriptions of both Palace of the Dead updates as well as the Anima Weapon quests from Final Fantasy XIV’s official Lodestone:



Palace of the Dead Update

The dead remain restless, and the architect behind the Palace of the Dead unseen. Though none have lived to tell the tale true, some explorers claim the maze now reaches some two hundred floors below the Shroud. What horrors await the brave souls who would delve into the darkest depths of the ruins?



Palace of the Dead Rankings

See how you measure up to your fellow adventurers in the Palace of the Dead with a new ranking system. Level up, ready your aetherpool gear, and race to the darkest depths of the deep dungeon!



Anima Weapon:


After many tests and trials, the anima would appear to be at the pinnacle of perfection. To that end, Ardashir is making preparations to return to the Near East that he might present his findings. Gerolt, on the other hand, believes there is yet work to be done. Could our resident drunkard and realm-renown blacksmith hold the key to the anima’s advancement?


Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.