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Final Fantasy XIV Producer Talks About B-Rank Monster Changes And End Game Content



Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is getting its latest minor update patch later tonight, and while Square Enix shared their latest patch notes on the official blog, producer Naoki Yoshida shed some light on the latest during an interview with Dengeki.


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Patch 2.35 adds a new set of Beast Tribe Quests with the Ixal Beastmen. Yoshi-P also mentioned that it will be different from past Beast Tribe Quests, and it will involve some stuff that might get those who never tried crafting be interested in becoming a Crafter.


Hunts are also getting a little adjustment, mainly with the B-rank monsters. Yoshida responded to questions regarding Hunts from foreign media who asked if he could increase the health of monsters since too many players get together and kill them off too quickly for others to take advantage of.


“In that case, let’s say 200 players get together for that, the battles will take longer, and as a result, there might be 500 players gather instead, and the monster will instantly be defeated. I don’t think it’ll change much to the current situation,” answered Yoshida.


As far as the massive PvP Frontline goes, it looks like close-ranged DPS (damage-per-second) classes will get some sort of minor adjustment buffs in the near future, so we might be seeing some more Monks and Dragoons out there in the battlefield.


Next, they talked about some end-game content such as getting weapons that are above ilvl 100. According to Yoshi-P, there are several ways to get ilvl 100 weapons, such as the Unidentified Allagan Tomestone in the Syrcus Tower; however, that still takes about three weeks of saving Soldiery Tomes to acquire.


As the aforementioned weapon caps at ilvl 110, the Relic weapons will go beyond Novus, but they can take quite a while to get. Yoshi-P mentioned that after some time passes, they’ll make adjustments on the stages after the Atma parts to make things a little easier, after further observation.


While on the subject of Soldiery Tomes, Dengeki asked if we’ll be seeing a new form of Allagan Tomestones come the 2.4 update, to which Yoshida said to just think of it as the way things have been going thus far for now, and that he believes the 2.4 update may see a complete change in economy in that regard.



The Binding Coil of Bahamut will also conclude in the 2.4 update. Dengeki asks the producer if he has any plans for some other end-game content or other content for the more casual players.


“Basically, the thought of having high-end content that can be challenged with eight players or a 24-man alliance raid, won’t be changing,” said Yoshida. “Again, we’re also thinking about end-game content that can be taken on with things like the community-based Free Companies, and such.”


According to Yoshida, they have plans for other difficult and challenging end-game content once The Binding Coil of Bahamut ends.


You can check out Square Enix’s full details on the latest update, here.

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